Family in Flat Scheme


The Family in Flat Scheme is currently suspended. Please see further details, here.


This scheme has two aims, the first to encourage applicants to accept advertised flats that they might not originally consider, as they would only remain in these flats for a minimum of two years.  The second is to then move them on to more suitable accommodation as long as they have not breached their tenancy conditions in these two years. 

The Family in Flats scheme has been re-opened to all families who have lived in their current accommodation for a minimum of two years.

To qualify for this scheme you must have resided in your flat for a minimum of two years and meet the below criteria:

  • If you receive Housing Benefit your rent account must be clear / If you pay your rent yourself you must be a week/fortnight/month in advance.
  • No legal action has been taken against you by Magenta Living
  • There can be no incidents of anti-social behaviour within the life of your tenancy.
  • Subject to property inspection
    Your current flat must be kept at a good standard with no rechargeable repairs or any outstanding repairs that have not been reported, that are having a detrimental effect on the property.  Please note that if you have made any changes to the property that you have not received permission for this will also exclude you from the scheme.
  • No tenancy breaches

Tenants will need to contact Magenta Living to express their interest in this scheme, they will be informed whether or not they qualify after tenancy checks and a property inspection.