Proactive Asset Management Strategy

The Proactive Asset Management Strategy provides a proactive approach to ensure we manage, maintain and invest in our property assets.

We want our properties to provide attractive, good quality homes for our existing and future customers, at an affordable cost to them and us. We also want to ensure that our homes and other assets are in the right location and are fit for purpose. At Magenta Living, we realise the importance that the assets we need to operate our business are managed effectively, provide value for money, support growth and diversity and are sustainable into the future.

Through our Proactive Asset Management Strategy, we make a contribution to delivering our strategic objectives and we are committed to ensuring that we are investing in our assets, we have energy efficient homes that minimise our carbon footprint and help our customers break-free from fuel poverty.

Learn more about our Proactive Asset Management Strategy! Click the image below to view the full strategy.

Cover image of Magenta living's proactive asset management strategy showing a row of homes in wirral