Apprenticeships at Magenta Living

113 Apprenticeships

Magenta Living has a strong commitment to employing local people from the communities that we work in, and we’re proud to be one of the largest employers of apprentices in Wirral.

We have taken on over 113 apprentices since 2005, with 23 apprentices currently working across a range of trade and business apprenticeships.

We plan for succession, with 99% of apprentices being offered a permenant role following the successful completion of their apprenticeship. 


What can you expect? 

Magenta Living are fully invested to the future of those who complete their apprenticeships with us.

As an apprentice, you will gain real-life experiences, with high-quality training and mentoring, and the opportunity to lay the foundations of your future career. 

All our apprentices are required to achieve full qualifications during their training period, including NVQ and other relevant certificates and skills.


Our partnership with Wirral Met College...

We work in partnership with Wirral Met College to provide ongoing support for our apprentices, and opportunities for their students.

Our partnership is founded on our shared commitment towards ‘Community’, and in supporting local people to develop essential skills for the future and excel in their chosen career. 

Paul Crawford, Head of Construction at Wirral Met College said ‘Magenta Living’s commitment to our partnership is pivotal to the development of our students skillsets. Our combined approach to learning in a college environment and work experience with Magenta Living, takes learning to another level. Our successful partnership makes learning enjoyable and offers life changing experiences to local people across the Wirral.’ 

Frequently Asked Questions about apprenticeships...

How can I get an apprenticeship at Magenta Living?

Trade Apprentices are taken on through our partnership with Wirral Met College. Individuals will have the opportunity to gain some work experience and once completed, Magenta Living select the top 5 students for interviews. All other vacancies will be advertised on our website and through our social media channels.

What does the ideal candidate look like?

The ideal candidate will show a passion for their chosen trade. They will have enthusiasm, a genuine interest and a willingness to work hard. We also look for a positive attitude, teamworking, good organisation skills in order to meet deadlines, and communication skills.

Will I get paid for my apprenticeship?

Your Apprenticeship is a real job, where you learn, gain experience and get paid.
You’re an employee with a contract of employment.

What opportunities will be available at the end of my apprenticeship?

Different opportunities will be presented at the end of different apprenticeships.
Some of the opportunities include: Rising Stars Programme, promotion, become a Manager, Trade Apprentices could become multi skilled Technicians.

Hear what some of our Apprentices have to say...

Our ambition is to support our apprentices to build skills for the future, and we take care to create the right learning environment and mentoring for them so they can confidently learn our purpose, vision and values and provide the best customer experience possible.

Each apprentice's journey is unique, click on each tile to listen to what some of our apprentices have to say about their individual careeer journey's...

Peter Gavin | Apprentice to Technical Supervisor

Lucy Smith | Business Admin Apprentice

Charlie Gray-Mansell | Apprentice Electrician

Scarlett Staley, Digital Marketing Apprentice


>> If you would like to find out more about apprenticeships at Magenta Living, follow our Facebook page and keep an eye on Wirral Met College’s website by clicking here, where you can register your interest to become an Apprentice.