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Wirral Ark re-opens Mary Cole House

Wirral Ark has reopened Mary Cole House following comprehensive renovation works. Mary Cole House will once again provide a vital homeless prevention, support and accommodation service to many people who face homelessness in Wirral.

This multi million pound project was funded by Homes England and Wirral Council and was project managed by Magenta Living on behalf of the Ark. The renovations included a part demolition and refurbishment of the existing building with a wraparound new build extension.

Mary Cole House provides accommodation for up to 27 people with each room having its own en-suite shower room. The accommodation also comprises of a kitchen/dining room, a lounge, training room and a chapel. It will also offer a palliative care service. As well as accommodation, Mary Cole House also offers wider services such as a ‘controlled drinking environment’ which provides a safe place for those who would otherwise be street drinking and a nurse drop in service for homeless people requiring treatment for minor ailments.

Cllr Geoffrey Watt, Deputy Mayor of Wirral said: “The Deputy Mayoress and I were delighted to meet Ark trustees and staff, together with representatives from Magenta Living, at the re-opening of Mary Cole House and to see the greatly enhanced facilities that will enable Wirral Ark to continue providing this vital service to homeless people.”

Paul Anson, Director of Business Growth at Magenta Living said: “The new facilities at Mary Cole House are so impressive and it is a great representation of how successful our partnership with the Ark Project has been. We will continue to support Wirral Ark in their outstanding work helping the homeless in our communities and continue our valuable partnership.”

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Overchurch Spring Clean!

We had a big spring clean in Overchurch yesterday with many of our teams working alongside the local community.

Overchurch spring clean - team photo

Following several complaints about fly-tipping on Royden Road, we teamed up with Wirral Council and local residents to help clean up the area and offer advice on waste disposal for the future. The event was also supported by Debbie, a Tesco in the community champion, who provided much needed healthy snacks and refreshments! 

Local children enjoying their Easter break were also able to chip in with a litter pick. We provide them with equipment to keep them safe and a goody bag as a thank you!

Working together we managed to fill a whopping 40 yard skip with white goods, furniture & general waste. Mr Shaman, a local shop owner, was delighted to have the community out in force, willing and able to help him remove some unwanted waste as part of the clean up.

Overchurch spring clean - in action

Overchurch spring clean - royden road shops

Overchurch spring clean - Mr Shaman, shop keeper

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Changing Regulations – We’d like your views!

Magenta Living has a long history of working in partnership with customers and we believe we are more than just a landlord, as we work alongside our customers and partners to help create communities where people can thrive. We are still committed to these partnerships with customers which have seen us invest heavily in properties and create social value as we respond to changes and maximise our impact in our neighbourhoods.

The Housing and Planning Act 2016 introduced some regulations which the Government put into place in November last year that affect Magenta Living. The Regulation of Social Housing (Influence of Local Authorities) (England) Regulations 2017, will take effect on 16 May 2018, and will require changes to Council nominations to Boards of Housing Associations and consequently changes to the Company Membership of Magenta Living.

What do the new regulations mean for Magenta Living?

  • We must change our Constitution
  • Our board no longer has Council nominees – everyone is there on their own merits, assessed against the skills the organisation requires
  • Our Company membership will have to change
  • Council’s can no longer have a share – in Magenta Living’s case currently Wirral Council has one-third of the votes (Tenant Company members have one-third and Independent Company members have one-third)    
  • We are considering a proposal to move to a closed membership for Magenta Living where its company members are the Board

However, to ensure there is still a governance link between the Board and the communities we operate in, we have Magenta Communities.

Magenta Communities

Magenta Communities is currently the brand we have developed to create social value within our neighbourhoods.

In the future we want Magenta Communities to:

  • Be a focal point for all of our community investment
  • Look to maximise external funding to bring into our neighbourhoods
  • Give existing Company Members and potentially new people a role within Magenta Living’s continuing governance structure where they can still have a real influence
  • Develop the best structure to maximise the level of social value created

We’d like your views?

Click here to see the Magenta Communities document and please complete a short online survey by clicking this link to give us your views. Alternatively, call us on 0800 100 9596 and ask for the communications team who will be able to assist you complete the survey.  At times of high call volumes (for instance during inclement weather) please call 0151 606 3094 and leave a message with your name and number and one of the team will call you back to assist you complete the survey.

Magenta Communities front cover

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Stock Condition Survey - Conducted by Savills

In order to ensure that our property condition information is kept up to date, we have commissioned an independent company Savills to carry out a stock condition survey to some of our properties between now and July.

Savills will be visiting a number of our properties across Wirral to carry out the surveys which will be a visual survey, if Savills do visit your home they will aim to keep any disruption to you and your home to an absolute minimum. We ask that you please co-operate with Savills and allow them access to your home if needed.

All Savills staff will be carrying Magenta Living identification badges but if you have any concerns or queries please contact us on 0808 100 9596.

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Meet Connor... #NAW2018

Connor is studying for a level 3 NVQ in Electrical Installation and has one year left before he has completed his apprenticeship. Connor decided he wanted to do an apprenticeship as he wanted to learn a trade and knew he wanted to be an electrician after completing work experience.

In the future, Connor would like to complete his apprenticeship and further his skills in the electrical industry. He hopes to continue working for Magenta Living.

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Meet Thomas... #NAW2018

Thomas completed his plastering apprenticeship back in 2009 and since then hasn’t stopped learning and gaining qualifications! He is currently in his eleventh year at Magenta Living and has progressed from an apprentice plasterer to a Trainee Voids Repairs Manager.

Thomas believes an apprenticeship is valuable because you learn the theory and basic skills in college, however you use this knowledge and apply it in the working environment which allows you to develop yourself and enhance your skills.

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Meet Sam... #NAW2018


Sam is currently studying for a level 3 qualification in Plumbing. He is in his third year and has one year left before qualifying. He is also studying for a gas qualification.

Sam thought an apprenticeship was a good opportunity to gain a qualification that will be beneficial to his future and liked the learning aspect of it.

Sam is keen to become a qualified plumber and then hopes to become a multi-skilled technician and continue his career at Magenta Living.

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Meet Lisa... #NAW2018

Lisa completed her four year apprenticeship in Electro Technical Installation back in 2015 after studying one day a week at Wirral Metropolitan College. Lisa loves the fact her role is hands on and practical and since she completed her apprenticeship, she has become a qualified supervisor. She also hopes to step into a management role one day.

Lisa strongly believes in apprenticeships because she feels they are a great opportunity to learn, gain experience and earn money at the same time.

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Meet Cameron... Our Apprentice Accountant

We're supporting this week's National Apprenticeship Week (#NAW2018). At Magenta Living one of our current corporate objectives is ‘leading by example – ensuring our Board and staff have the appropriate skills to deliver our vision and values.’ Magenta Living has apprentices in order to ensure we are helping develop staff in their chosen roles and responsibilities as well as providing them with on the job training, particularly in manual roles such as bricklayers where there is currently a skill shortage. It is also important that we develop apprentices and invest in them as they will hopefully form part of our approach to succession planning.

The theme for this year is ‘Apprenticeships Work’ which aims to showcase how apprenticeships work for both the individual and the employer. The campaign is in its 11th year and to show more clearly our support for this campaign, we've spoken with some of our past and present apprentices to develop a series of short films which highlight their story of how apprenticeships have worked for them and their ambition for the future.

Follow our social media channels to keep up with our activity this week: 

Facebook: @MagentaLiving

Twitter: @MagentaLive


Monday 2nd March 2018 - Video 1

Meet Cameron...

An Apprentice Accountant in our finance team who's just coming to the end of his three-year apprenticeship. Check out this video to learn how #ApprenticeshipsWork for him. #NAW2018

This is the first in a series of videos we'll be sharing this week, be sure to check back to see more videos from other roles.


“Apprenticeships are the perfect stepping stone for people to make the leap from full-time education into the working environment.” 

Cameron has worked at Magenta Living for just over three years and has just completed his apprenticeship and is now qualified at level two, three and four of AAT, an accountancy qualification. Cameron thought learning and working at the same time was helpful as it meant he could put into practice what he was studying at college, which helped him to understand what he was learning.

Throughout his time at Magenta Living, Cameron says he has learned so much, not just about accounting but his communications skills have improved as well as his ability to meet deadlines and he feels he has become much more confident. Cameron would recommend anyone thinking of applying for an apprenticeship to go for it!

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High Volume of Calls - Emergency Calls Only Please!

Due to the cold weather, our contact centre is experiencing a high volume of calls. If you are calling about a non-emergency service then please use our online services so we may help our most in need customers.

You can report a repair online here:

For all other services, you can get in touch via our online form:


Updated 2nd March 2018

Due to the cold weather, we are receiving a high volume of calls regarding boilers not working. This may be due to the condensate pipe freeze.

Please see the below advice which may help defrost the pipe and get our boiler working again.

Condensate Pipe Advice


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