Our Performance

We aim to be open and accountable and to show you that our services are continually improving. To do this, we measure, monitor and publish our performance information.


Measuring Our Performance

We collect facts and figures about all of our services, then we measure ourselves against:

  • Other housing associations
  • Our performance in past months and years
  • Our service standards, set by our residents

Our Board analyses performance statistics regularly, looking at all our service areas. Regular monitoring means that any problems can be identified quickly, allowing us to make plans to fix them.


Our Current Performance

Click on the link below to open a PDF document, which will show detailed strategic performance information -


Anti-social Behaviour

Take a look at our Anti-Social Behaviour page for up-to-date information on how we are doing.


Customer Experience Feedback 2020/21

2020 - 2021 Complaints Overview

Complaints Volume 2020/21 
  • 1088 Complaints Resolved
  • 627 Complaints Upheld  
Response of Complaints Icon

8.3 Working Days

on average to resolve complaints


Upheld Complaints
Gas & Heating Icon 163
Gas & Central Heating
Plumbing 47
Icon image of a roof 41
Electric Icon - Lightening bolt 33



Learning from Complaints
Improvements 71 Potential service improvements
8 Changes to service delivery


Compliments 2020/21

Compliments Volume

  • 250 Compliments Received
Most Complimented Teams
Responsive Repairs 91
Responsive Repairs
Contact Centre

Contact Centre

Supported Housing Icon - Person pushing another person in wheelchair

Specialist Housing

Contract Managment 17
Contract Management
Neighbourhood Management Icon - Map showing pin icon

Neighbourhood Management


Complaints Self Assessment

In line with the Housing Ombudsman’s complaint handling code, we are required to annual undergo a complaint self-assessment. This assessment is aimed at helping us demonstrate our performance against some key areas including:

  • The utilisation of the universal definition of a complaint
  • Providing easy access to the complaints procedure and ensuring residents are aware of it, including their right to access the Housing Ombudsman Service
  • The structure of the complaints procedure with only two stages necessary and clear timeframes set out for responses
  • Ensuring fairness in complaint handling with a resident-focused process
  • Taking action to put things right and appropriate remedies
  • Creating a positive complaint handling culture through continuous learning and improvement
  • Demonstrating learning within Annual Reports

This summary shows whether we have met each of the required standards and how we have demonstrated this. It also includes some detail around some of the things Magenta Living are doing to ensure we are continuously reviewing and improving our approach:  ML Self Assessment 2021.pdf [pdf] 241KB