Our Performance

We aim to be open and accountable, and to show you that our services our continually improving. To do this, we measure, monitor and publish our performance information.


Measuring Our Performance

We collect facts and figures about all of our services, then we measure ourselves against -

  • Other housing associations
  • Our performance in past months and years
  • Our service standards, set by our residents

Our Board analyses performance statistics regularly, looking at all our service areas. Regular monitoring means that any problems can be identified quickly, allowing us to make plans to fix them.


How We Compare

We are regulated by the Homes and Communities Agency, which sets out the regulatory standards we are expected to comply with when delivering services to our customers.

You can compare our performance with other landlords on the HouseMark dashboard.


Our Current Performance

Click on the link below to open a PDF document, which will show detailed strategic performance information -



Anti-social Behaviour

Take a look at our Anti-Social Behaviour page for up-to-date information on how we are doing.