We are regulated by the Regulator of Social Housing which sets out the regulatory standards we are expected to comply with. These include as:

We have regular meetings with the full Board and Committees, such as Audit, Business, Operations Committees and Development Remuneration, to ensure good governance is achieved.

We have also adopted the National Housing Federation's (NHF) Code of Conduct and Excellence in Governance. We regularly assess compliance with these standards, and publish the outcomes in our annual reports.



We want to be as clear and open as possible.

Below you will find a number of recent Board and Committee meeting minutes along with our meeting schedule. 

Meeting Schedule

2019 Board Meeting Dates.pdf [pdf] 48KB ​​​​​​*

*Please note, Hilbre Homes board meetings are subject to change following a review in February 2019. 

Board Meetings Minutes

Board Minutes July 2018.pdf [pdf] 195KB

Board Minutes June 2018 .pdf [pdf] 244KB

Board Minutes May 2018.pdf [pdf] 209KB

Board Minutes January 2018 [pdf] 192KB

Board Minutes December 2017 [pdf] 123KB

Board Minutes October 2017[pdf] 118KB

Board Minutes September 2017[pdf] 148KB

Board Minutes June 2017 [pdf] 191KB


Audit and Risk Committee Minutes

Audit & Risk Committee Minutes Novemer 2018.pdf [pdf] 144KB

Audit & Risk Committee Minutes June 2018.pdf [pdf] 227KB

Audit & Risk Committee Minutes March 2018.pdf [pdf] 170KB

Audit & Risk Committee Minutes November 2017.pdf [pdf] 143KB

Audit & Risk Committee Minutes March 2017.pdf [pdf] 153KB