Environmental Services

Environmental services include cleaning, caretaking and neighbourhood support across all of our properties. The team is dedicated to keeping neighbourhoods green, clean and safe places, for all to enjoy.

Environmental Services team

Environmental Response Team

The Environmental Response Team will:

  • Remove fly tipping
  • Deliver the BERT service
  • Clean small amounts of graffiti
  • Carry out weed spraying
  • Assemble flat pack furniture
  • Deliver mini waste stations.

They also carry out various environmental projects.


Mobile Cleaning Team

The Mobile Cleaning Team provides a fortnightly communal cleaning service to our low rise blocks of flats.

The cleaners also check for any maintenance issues within communal areas.

The cleaning team have defined Environmental Service Standards they work to.


Site Management Officers (SMOs)

SMOs are based in our high rise blocks and are available daily from 8am until 4.30pm.

SMOs deal with -

  • All cleaning issues, both internal and external
  • Compliance issues/checks
  • Minor repairs
  • Visual checks, and report any maintenace issues
  • All contractors attending sites.

For more information about any of our Environmental Services, please Contact Us.


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