Inspiring Dreams

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Inspiring Dreams is our motivational programme aimed to support you to develop the skills and knowledge you need to take the next step in your life. 

"Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So... Get on your way!" - Dr. Seuss 

We can often feel as though our struggles add up, combining to become a mountain we just can't climb alone. That's why we designed a programme specifically for our Magenta Living tenants, aimed to give you the tools to overcome your personal 'mountain' and get a new outlook on life. Inspiring Dream's is an exciting opportunity to make a change in your life.

Don't put it off any longer,  get in touch!

Please use the form on Magenta Connect  or contact the Community Regeneration Team on 0808 100 9596 to register your interest for the next session (we will be in touch as soon as we have finalised dates for the next session).


What is the Inspiring Dreams programme?

Inspiring Dreams is our motivational programme aimed to support you to develop the skills and knowledge you need to take the next step in your life. Designed for Magenta Living, this is an exciting opportunity to make a change to your life.

Aims of Inspiring Dreams:

  • Meet new people, learn new skills, have fun and eat good food!
  • Motivate yourself to Exercise & Eat healthily
  • Work with and spend time with people supporting each other on a 'journey' 
  • Understand your own personal skills and how you can reach your potential
  • Work on a personal development plan – small changes can make massive positive impacts on your life

What will you get?

  • A friendly group with a lively and relaxed atmosphere
  • A certificate to showcase what you've learned
  • A tablet upon completion
  • A lovely lunch each day
  • Travel expenses 

Following the course, we’ll help link you to a wide range of next steps to help you get to where you want to be.

-The course is completely free to attend but booking is essential!

Please use the form on Magenta Connect  or contact the Community Regeneration Team on 0808 100 9596 to book your place.


Case Studies

Tenants who joined us on previous courses found it incredibly beneficial; take a look at the feedback below.

Michelle's Story




Michelle is a single parent who had not worked for 3 years. When she met Households Into Work, Michelle initially presented with issues around debt, issues with extreme damp in her property and lack of motivation to progress her aspirations of working as a teaching assistant (TA) in a school setting, which she felt was overwhelming and unachievable as she had no formal qualifications.

Story so far…

Alongside other support, Michelle was referred to Inspiring Dreams. She loved the programme and felt it did inspire her to continue her learning, she made new friends through the course and felt less isolated.

Since completing Inspiring Dreams Michelle has completed two short courses linked to becoming a TA including L2 certificate in understanding specific learning difficulties with 3D Training (our delivery partner for Inspiring Dreams). She did this course with two others from her Inspiring Dreams group who all felt able to take part by doing it together.


  • Michelle has gone on to complete a TA course and now feels she can achieve her dream of becoming a TA.
  • Her partner has been inspired by Michelle’s new confidence and has also started work.
  • Michelle has gained the confidence to work with us to resolve her damp issues and to work with Wirral Council to resolve her Council Tax issues.
  • And the positive outcomes won’t stop with Michelle and her family… she has referred one of her friends to help them start moving towards their dreams.
  • Michelle’s Story from Households Into Work -


Russ' Story 



Russ joined Inspiring Dreams after a period of unemployment and having previously struggled with addiction. He hadn’t returned to drink and drugs during lockdown and was proud of it. He wanted to get off benefits and back into work and recognised that, in his words, “I can’t carry on like I am.”

Story so far…

One of Russ’s goals was to lose weight and improve his fitness to help him have the energy to work, a positive mindset to carry on staying clean and to look after his overall health. The session with The Underground Training Station (UTS) really resonated with Russ and after the course he joined their classes and training sessions. Within 7 months, Russ had dropped from a 2XL to M and hasn’t looked back.


  • Russ’s new found confidence helped him to secure a job as a driver. He has continued to go to UTS to take part in fitness activities and maintain his weight loss and improvement in his fitness levels.
  • He is enjoying work, but has recognised that some of the social aspects of being in a job can be challenging. However, his determination to stay clean and self-belief from completing the course has given him the strength to face these challenges with only a small wobble.

Russ’s story from UTS - Facebook


Karen's Story 



Karen joined our first Inspiring Dreams group in February 2017. At that time she had been a stay at home Mum for all her kids and hadn’t worked for over 18 years. Her youngest daughter was in primary school. Karen’s days used to be get up, take her daughter to school, go home and watch a bit of telly, pick up her daughter, teatime, daughter to bed, watch a bit of telly, go to bed. She had no energy or motivation and felt stuck in a rut.

Story so far…

Karen surprised herself by really enjoying the physical wellbeing side of the day visiting UTS in Hoylake. She recognised that her diet and lack of exercise were setting a bad example to her daughter and that by improving both she could lose weight, improve her overall health and have more energy to enjoy time with her family.


Karen started swimming after the school run and very quickly lost 3 stone. Her motivation and confidence grew and she applied for a job as a walking carer with a local care agency. She was successful and now has a job that she loves and that she continued to do throughout the pandemic. She is keeping her fitness levels up by walking to all her appointments. Karen says that without the confidence and self-belief that she gained through Inspiring Dreams she would never have been able to get the job that she loves.