A guide to leaving your Magenta Living home

We understand for whatever reason, you may want to move out of your Magenta Living home and end your tenancy with us. In order to do this, you must provide 28 days notice in writing to us or you can complete a ‘Notice to Quit’ form, which we can send you. Once you have given us written notice, a member of our Allocations and Lettings Team will contact you to make an appointment to visit you in your home. A member of our Building Services Team will also visit you to carry out an inspection of your home during your notice period.

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We want to make ending your tenancy as easy as possible for you once you have provided us with the correct notice. The following checklist is a handy guide to help you:

Ending Your Tenancy Checklist

Please remember:

  • You must provide 28 days notice in writing to Magenta Living. Contact us and we will send you a ‘Notice to Quit’ form
  • Clear your rent account
  • Clear your home and garden, loft and garage of all belongings and rubbish
  • Leave any instruction manuals you were given in the property
  • Tell the relevant utilities companies (gas, electricity and water providers) and give them a meter reading to close your account. If you have a pre-payment meter, the gas/electric key must be left in the meter. It will not work in any other property
  • Put back any Magenta Living owned fixtures and fittings, making good any damage and any alterations you have made
  • Provide us with a forwarding address, as requested on your ‘Notice to Quit’ form
  • Redirect your mail
  • Don’t forget to inform your bank, doctors, dentist and other key contacts that will need to know your new address including Council Tax, Housing Benefit and Universal Credit departments


  • During the 28 days notice period, we will make an appointment with you to fit a key safe to your home. On the day that you leave, you must put the main front door key in the key safe. Other keys such as window locks, gates or garages/sheds must be left in the property in a secure place, ideally in a kitchen drawer
  • No-one (including any animals) must be left in the property.


Moving on... 

Click the cover image to download this handy guide:


How to contact us about leaving your home

If you wish to leave your Magenta Living property and end your tenancy with us, you can do this by:

Downloading the below form, fill out your details and follow the return instructions included on the form

Moving On... form.pdf [pdf] 85KB


Writing to us at:

Magenta Living
Partnership Building
Hamilton Street
CH41 5AA