Block Champions

Block Champions are tenant volunteers living in one of Magenta Living’s high rise or low rise block of flats. They take pride in their homes, providing Magenta Living with a direct link into the community for our environmental and neighbourhood teams while working together to maintain and improve their community. 

The main role of our champions is to monitor the communal cleaning, repairs, grounds maintenance and other services that take place in their home. 

If you are interested in becoming a Block Champion, please use the below form.

Take a look at the Block Champion Booklet [pdf] 5MB

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Block Score Card

Please use the below form to report on the cleanliness of your block of flats. 

Alternatively, download the Block Champion score card and send it to us in the post.

Please provide ratings as follows
  • A = Score 4 (Very good)
  • B = Score 3 (Good)
  • C = Score 2 (Average)
  • D = Score 1 (Poor)
  • E = Score 0 (N/A)
Block Champion Score Card

Note: Questions marked by * are mandatory

Brush, mop or vacuum as neccessary - floors and stairs

Remove cobwebs from light fittings and doorways, walls and ceilings

Dust or wash down banisters, handrails and skirting

Clean and disinfect bin areas / chute rooms

Internal and external litter

Paths, roadways and courtyards

Grounds maintenance