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Creating greener spaces in our neighbourhoods

We are keeping our promises to residents, helping to improve their environment and love where they live in these challenging times.

Maureen, Environmental Services Manager and Greg, Contracts Manager, have been very busy recently working with Wirral Council Parks and Gardens as well as the Deputy Leader of Wirral Council, Cllr Anita Leech. 9,000 bulbs were planted across the grassed verges of Orchard Road and Ivy Lane neighbourhoods in Moreton.  


Due to COVID restrictions, unfortunately, we couldn’t get the community involved in the planting this time, but we hope they will appreciate it. 


Magenta Living Staff Laying Turf

Cllr Leech for Leasowe and Moreton wards said: “It has been a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate our continued partnership working with Magenta Living. Residents in the Ivy Lane area told us that they see splashes of colour across the borough but not in their area, so as local Councillors we worked with the Council and Magenta Living to put that right. 


“Magenta Living donated 2,000 bulbs to support the event and 7,000 bulbs were purchased through constituency funds, which are used to support such requests within the community.” 


Maureen, Magenta Living's Environmental Services Manager said: “As I’m now one of our Climate Vision Champions, anything I can do to make a positive impact on climate change then I’m straight on it. Greg Povall and I are working closely on our own plan to develop more wildlife meadows, plant trees in our communal spaces and carry out more planting and education days in partnership with Wirral Council.

"The impact of climate change can be significantly lessened if we all take steps now to reduce carbon pollution. As Champions for the environment, Greg and I are ensuring our teams are doing our best to make that happen.” uses cookies to collect information that supports the development of this website. To find out more about the cookies in use on this website, please visit our Privacy Policy.  By continuing to browse the site, you agree to our use of cookies.

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