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Coronavirus | Important service update

In response to the Coronavirus we have closed Partnership Building to visitors. We continue to review our service delivery and our Contact Centre are now able to take and log routine repairs as well as emergency and urgent repairs. Due to this, our call volumes may be higher with longer wait times when contacting us. You may wish to choose the option for a call back if this is the case.

Please see further guidance, here.

By working together, we can help reduce anti-social behaviour in your neighbourhood.

Magenta Living has been dealing with three ongoing cases of anti-social behaviour in three flats in the same low-rise block in central Birkenhead.


The first flat was being sub-letted illegally by a Magenta Living tenant to homeless people whilst he lived elsewhere. Magenta Living took action and asked the tenant to surrender tenancy or be put in court for eviction and be reported for benefit fraud. The tenant surrendered but the property was found to be in very poor condition and cost thousands of pounds for Magenta Living to refurbish the property before it could be let to the next tenant.


The second flat was tenanted by a young male who unofficially moved his partner in and we had complaints of loud music, drug use, incidents of domestic violence, fly-tipping in communal gardens and keeping a dog in the flat which was unallowed. The tenant was repeatedly warned about behaviour and was asked to terminate the tenancy or face legal proceedings, but he refused. The tenant served Notice Seeking Possession and Birkenhead County Court evicted the tenant for multiple breaches of tenancy.


The third flat was tenanted by a female who unofficially allowed her partner to move in after he was released from prison for racial assault. The partner began drug dealing from the flat soon after he moved in. Magenta Living liaised with the local community to ensure the drug dealing was reported to Merseyside Police and Crimestoppers. Police were able to obtain Misuse of Drug Warrant and raided the flat in December 2019. The tenant was asked to surrender the tenancy or face legal proceedings for eviction for drug dealing and rent arrears of over £1,500. The tenant surrendered the property but the flat will cost thousands to refurbish to an acceptable standard for the next tenant.

By working together with you and the wider community, we can tackle anti-social behaviour. We want to ensure that you feel safe in your home and enjoy where you live. As part of our #ClaimBackYourCommunity campaign we encourage you to report any incidents of anti-social behaviour you witness - you can do this confidentially by calling us on 0808 100 9596 or visiting uses cookies to collect information that supports the development of this website. To find out more about the cookies in use on this website, please visit our Privacy Policy.  By continuing to browse the site, you agree to our use of cookies.

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