Exciting new partnership steers Three Sails Point back on track | News

Exciting new partnership steers Three Sails Point back on track

Wirral based Magenta Living, a leading provider of affordable housing, has announced a significant step forward in the development of 158 new homes in Widnes. Three Sails Point is an exciting initiative that will be delivered in collaboration with Seddon Housing Partnerships and will mark a turning point in the effort to provide quality homes to the local community. 


The project, set to commence on site in the coming weeks, will see the completion of 60 existing plots in Phase 1. A further 98 plots in Phase 2 are anticipated to be part of the ongoing development and will include the demolition of several already built homes, to ensure that the final product meets the highest standards of safety and quality. Seddon, renowned for their own expertise in construction and development, has been contracted to oversee the completion of this essential project. 


The development will provide a mix of homes for affordable rent, shared ownership and rent to buy options. The project has been propelled by Homes England grant funding.


Ian Thomson, Executive Director of Assets and Development at Magenta Living said: "Working with Seddon will bring a wealth of experience and commitment to excellence that aligns perfectly with our vision at Magenta Living. 


“Our vision is to open doors to homes full of love and communities full of life. We really want to create spaces where families can flourish. Together, we are poised to deliver not just houses, but homes that will serve as the foundation for vibrant, thriving communities in Widnes." 


With a projected completion date set for early 2026, the construction project will create numerous job opportunities and inject a new life into the local economy and community. Beyond the tangible benefits, the completion of these houses will provide much-needed stability and security for families in Widnes, fostering a stronger sense of community and belonging. 


"It was important to Seddon, based upon the relationship with the Magenta team, to help restart this development" said Peter Jackson, Managing Director of Seddon Housing Partnerships. "We have been involved for some time carefully assessing the existing works and planning with our supply to ensure we complete in line with the Homes England deadline for funding which is a key milestone for our Partners." 


As construction gets underway in the coming weeks, Magenta Living and Seddon remain committed to keeping the community informed and engaged throughout the process. Updates on the project’s progress will be shared regularly, underscoring their shared dedication to transparency and accountability. 


Together, Magenta Living and Seddon are proud to embark on this transformative journey, building not just houses, but homes for the future.