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Housing First Project

Our Neighbourhood Management Team Leader, Rachel Griffiths and Assessment and Sustainability Manager, Jackie Leyland have been working together on the ‘Housing First' project. The Housing First project aims to give people who have experienced homelessness and chronic health and social care needs, a stable home to rebuild their lives. This approach breaks down traditional barriers to housing that customers who are homeless may face and does what it says on the tin – we offer a home first and support the individual with their needs later. 

The majority of Registered Social Landlords across the Liverpool City Region signed up to Housing First approximately three years ago. During this time, Magenta Living has housed 10 Housing First customers and achieved a 100% tenancy sustainability rate so far. In comparison with other landlords, very few had managed to achieve the sustainability rate, this is a fantastic achievement for Magenta Living. This week, three more Housing First customers will view their potential new properties with us and hopefully begin to rebuild their lives in their new home with the intensive, specialist support that they need. 

Assistant Director of Housing Services, Rachel Bennett said:

“We are extremely proud to be working on the Housing First project, it’s a really important project that is helping to tackle the stigma associated with rough sleeping. I’m so pleased we have been able to give 10 Housing First customers a place to call home, having support and the security of somewhere to live can really help change someone’s life. I’m proud of all my colleagues who are working on this project and have helped us to achieve a 100% tenancy sustainability rate for Housing First customers. It’s truly an amazing project that is having a positive impact on many lives and supports our Vision of creating Vibrant… homes, lives and neighbourhoods.”

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