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Jayne Winders wins Nurturing Talent Award

Jayne Winders, Executive Director of Customer Experience at Magenta Living, has won a prestigious award at the recent Further Education Student Awards, hosted by Wirral Met College. 

The Nurturing Talent Award recognises the exceptional care and commitment of employers who give up their time and expertise to help students develop their skills and knowledge. 

Jayne has been on the Board of Wirral Met College as a Governor for seven years and Magenta Living has had a much longer relationship and partnership with the College. 

Sue Higginson, Principal of Wirral Met College said in her speech at the awards night: “This award is for Jayne Winders, a senior director of Magenta Living who is selfless with her time in supporting our College. Jayne started working with me many years ago to explore the synergy between our organisations and from that, we have created a strategic partnership. 

“Magenta completely transformed how they recruit apprentices, changing from selection by prior qualifications to seeing our students as a talent pool who, with the right attitude and a good work ethic, they would be given a chance. 

“We also share leadership development and I recently shared our knowledge of Wirral’s demography, linked to learning, so we could see how to target and support the most vulnerable in our community.” 

Magenta Living currently offers work experience to the College’s top 25 students studying plumbing, electrics, plastering and joinery. After completing work experience, students that have shown potential will be invited to interview for an apprenticeship.  

Jayne said: “I’m passionate about creating opportunities for young people and Magenta Living has had a long-term relationship and strategic partnership with the college, which has been a huge success and has allowed us to recruit many talented apprentices.”

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