Magenta Goes Green On The Roads | News

Magenta Goes Green On The Roads

Magenta Living has unveiled three new electric vans, marking a significant step towards environmental sustainability. As electric vehicles gain popularity, their benefits become increasingly evident. These vans are powered by electric motors, significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions and decreasing reliance on fossil fuels. Additionally, they offer lower maintenance costs and quieter operation compared to traditional combustion engine vans, making them ideal for delivery services, tradespeople, and other businesses seeking reliable and eco-friendly transportation solutions.

The introduction of these new electric vans supports our commitment to achieving our climate vision by 2030. With a target to deliver £12 million in energy reduction initiatives, we are on a mission to become a net-zero business. These electric vans will be a key part of our Property Care fleet, enabling us to carry out maintenance on Magenta Living properties more sustainably.

Impressively, these vans can travel the equivalent distance of crossing the Wirral 15 times on a single charge, with charging times ranging from 1 to 4 hours depending on the charger used.

Look out for our new ‘green’ vans on the road!