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Magenta Living provides support to Wirral Foodbank

Magenta Living has recently donated £5,000 to Wirral Foodbank, providing much needed support for them as they continue to provide food parcels over the coming months. 

Wirral Foodbank has seen a 30% increase in demand over the past 12 months which has meant that they are having to buy-in more food rather than rely on food donations alone.  This has resulted in them spending an average of £1,000 per month and are expected to do this until September, when donations from harvest festival collections are provided. 

John Roach, Head of Income Management at Magenta Living said: “Unfortunately we issue Foodbank Vouchers to our tenants every week and we really wanted to give something back to Wirral Foodbank to show our support. By making this donation we will no doubt provide them with the crucial support and funding that they need over the coming months and into the autumn.”

Magenta Living has previously provided support in other ways to Wirral Foodbank, such as assisting them with adapting their Birkenhead warehouse to create a separate office, which was completed by Magenta Living’s Building Services apprentices and food donations from staff at Christmas.

Richard Roberts, Manager of Wirral Foodbank said: “Magenta Living has been a tremendous supporter of Wirral Foodbank for many years.  This very generous donation offers certainty that we have dedicated funds to purchase essential food items needed to support local people in the community.  Thank you for your commitment and support of Wirral Foodbank.”


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