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Magenta Living sign up to sun safety awareness pledge for outdoor workers

Magenta Living has signed up to an annual sun safety awareness pledge to protect their workers during summer.

Employing more  than 500 staff, with 200 of these working outside on a daily basis, Magenta Living is the first major business to back the North West Cancer Research Sun Safety Pledge for the second year running.

The initiative from the charity and Public Health Liverpool is designed to encourage employers to put outdoor worker's safety first by raising the importance of sun protection.

A toolkit has been rolled out to help employers educate employees with advice including covering up and using sun cream between May and September when the rays from the sun are strongest.

Magenta Living has now provided sun cream samples from the campaign's sun cream partner SunSense UK for its 200 outdoor workers in all staff recreational areas.

Assistant Director of HR and Organisational Development at Magenta Living, Joanne Francom said: "This is the second year that we have supported the pledge and its been an invaluable initiative in educating our workforce on the symptoms of skin cancer and preventative measures.

"With almost half of our employees working outside on a daily basis, it is essential that they know the value of protecting themselves from the sun's harmful UV rays that are present no matter what the weather.

"North West Cancer Research has provided us with awareness posters and leaflets to ensure employees are armed with potentially lifesaving information, as well as sun cream samples which are accessible to all employees.

"Our employees health is of the upmost importance and we really value the second year of North West Cancer Research's support and education."

Alastair Richards, chief executive of North West Cancer Research, said: “We already know that skin cancer rates are on the rise here in Merseyside and we want to ensure the messages relating to sun protection are reaching those most at risk and that includes people who work outdoors.

“Magenta Living is one of the largest employers in the Wirral and by backing the pledge for a second year, it is rewarding to know that our sun safety message will be reaffirmed amongst their outdoor workers.

“Over exposure to UV rays can be harmful and we want employers and employees to get the message about the importance of sun protection when at work.”


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