Magenta Living supports National Apprenticeship Week 2024 | News

Magenta Living supports National Apprenticeship Week 2024

The 17th Annual National Apprenticeship Week takes place from 5 to 11 February 2024 and Magenta Living is getting involved! 

Magenta Living has welcomed 113 apprentices over the last 19 years, and this year’s theme for the week and our focus is on supporting our apprentices to build “Skills for Life”. 

We offer apprenticeships across a wide range of areas and we currently have 23 apprentices working in HR, Business Administration, Business Data, Housing Services and Property Care. 

This week across our social media channels we'll be recognising the value apprentices bring, sharing their unique journeys and celebrating their hard work and successes. 

We'd like you to meet Connor Casey who has just completed his apprenticeship with Magenta Living as a plumber and has now been offered a 12-month contract. 

“I joined Magenta as an apprentice plumber in 2019 on a 4-year apprenticeship. The course that I studied at Wirral Met College was Plumbing and Heating and I attended college one day a week. 

“I felt that an apprenticeship was the right option for me personally.  You can learn and also gain the experience needed while out on site so that you can develop and learn even more skills as you go. The support I have been given has been really good because if I had any problems or needed help, someone is there to help you which is reassuring. I’ve really enjoyed my apprenticeship, learning new skills, and continuing to develop and learn new skills after my apprenticeship.  

“I will be able to continue to learn as I have recently been offered a 12-month contract with Magenta. If I had any advice about applying for apprenticeship, it would be apply for it!” 

Magenta’s Chief People Officer, Emma Adams, said: 

“Apprentices are essential to the future success of Magenta Living, as we focus on unlocking people's potential. When it comes to hiring apprentices, we’re looking for people who can create a customer centric environment and who can support us in our purpose of empowering people. We take great care and attention to create the right learning environment and mentoring for our apprentices so that they can confidently learn our purpose, vision and values to ensure they provide the best customer experience possible. We make a significant investment each year towards continued professional development for colleagues, focused on developing future skills and empowering innovation.” 

We work in partnership with Wirral Metropolitan College to provide ongoing support and opportunities for their students. Our partnership is founded on our shared commitment towards ‘Community’, and in supporting local people to develop essential skills for the future and excel in their chosen career.  

Matt Ryan, Wirral Metropolitan College’s Business Development Manager, said: 

“Our partnership with Magenta Living provides outstanding opportunities for our students every year. Through our well-established relationship, our students are encouraged and supported to achieve their aspirations. Through their high-quality apprenticeship programme, Magenta Living provides a pathway for students to develop their knowledge and skills, giving them the platform for an exciting and rewarding career. 

To see more case studies from current apprentices and to learn more about apprenticeships at Magenta Living, please visit: