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National Social Housing Safety and Compliance Week

Brian Simpson pledge

Magenta Living are supporting the first annual National Social Housing Safety and Compliance Week, led by the Association of Safety and Compliance Professionals (ASCP), in association with CORGI.

Running from Monday 21st June to Friday 25th June, the campaign is aimed at raising standards in safety, compliance, learning, competence and collaboration for a safer future for social housing. Whilst changing-up the national conversation around social housing safety and compliance with landlords, residents, government, and suppliers.

Magenta Living’s Executive and Senior Leadership Teams have made pledges to their staff and our customers that will support building a safer future for social housing as a whole.

Read of our pledges below... 

Brian Simpson Safety Pledge
Brian Simpson, Chief Executive

“I pledge to remember that safety must be a core value that needs to be lived by each of us and which is at the forefront of our minds every day. For the sake of Grenfell and tragedies in the past and to ensure we never have such tragic events in the future…”  



Jayne Winders Safety Pledge


Jayne Winders, Executive Director of Customer Experience

“I pledge to change: I pledge to drive a culture of openness and welcome feedback, even though it may be difficult to receive”



Paul Anson Safety Pledge


Paul Anson, Executive Director of Business Growth and Development

“I pledge to educate: I pledge to offer training/coaching to colleagues or to educate myself in a particular aspect of safety/compliance or culture”



Ian Thomson Safety Pledge


Ian Thomson, Executive Director of Asset Management

“I pledge to listen: I pledge to listen to my colleagues, my team, contractors, suppliers and residents and take action where needed to keep our people safe”



Ann Monk Safety Pledge


Ann Monk, Executive Director of Finance

“I pledge to be pro-active: I pledge to never accept the status quo and always be pressing for better resources, training, competences in our organisation”



Mark Armstrong Safety Pledge


Mark Armstrong, Assistant Director of Strategy and Regeneration

“I pledge to communicate: I pledge to improve resident engagement by listening to their concerns, encouraging access and taking action”



Our changes for today... 

  • Commit to listening to the concerns of others, acting on and escalating where appropriate
  • Providing healthy challenge on matters of safety and compliance
  • Seeking out bad news and exceptional items to uncover potential dangers
  • Asking the safety and compliance teams where they need support or feel the biggest risks to safety are on a regular and informal basis

Our changes for tomorrow... 

  • Developing channels to improve resident engagement
  • Committed to working with others to share best practice
  • Better using our social media channels to communicate with residents about the importance of access

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