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Vibrant ... homes, lives, neighbourhoods

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New homes in Eastham already a great success!

Hawthorne Grange includes 12 one-bedroom apartments for over 55’s, 2 three-bedroom and 2 two-bedroom affordable homes and 11 three-bedroom shared ownership homes.

Built on the former site of shops and flats on Clifton Avenue and Mill Park Drive, Eastham - Hawthorne Grange has proved very popular with local people already showing a lot of interest in the new homes. Six shared ownership homes have already been reserved off plan following a recent open day with the option to choose kitchens and bathroom fittings and fixtures.

The name Hawthorne Grange was chosen by a local pupil from Millfields Primary School who Magenta Living ran a naming competition with. The name was liked so much the apartment block was called ‘Hawthorne House’ to link the development together. Hawthorne House offers modern living with open plan kitchen, dining and living area. A double bedroom, study and storage along with a modern wet room in all apartments.

John Siddell, Head of Development at Magenta Living said: “Hawthorne Grange is a fantastic scheme in a great location. It offers something for everyone in terms of offering a mix of shared ownership, houses for rent and rental apartments for over 55’s. This will create a great little community within the wider Eastham area.”

“Responding to the identified housing need by providing suitable homes for rent within the Eastham area ensures that Magenta Living is delivering our Vision of creating Vibrant … homes, lives, neighbourhoods and demonstrates our further commitment to transforming and regenerating the area.”

Other Magenta Living development schemes within the Eastham area include Delamere Avenue with 12 properties for rent and Mallowdale Close which includes seven properties also for rent. Both schemes are due for completion by summer 2020.

There are currently six shared ownership homes still available at Hawthorne Grange. If you are interested in finding out more and how to apply, please contact our sales agent Sharon Gibson on 07766 093997 or email


  1. Charleen says:

    Hi intrested in a 3 bed house already a magenta tenant

    Added on 18 Sep 2019

  2. Holly Williams says:

    Hi I’m interested in a 2 bedroom property please

    Added on 25 Sep 2019

  3. Ashley says:

    I am interested in a 3 bedroom property.

    Added on 25 Sep 2019

  4. Samantha Davies says:

    I’d like to view a 3 bedroom please

    Added on 1 Oct 2019

  5. Jill Walsh says:

    Would like 2 bedroom ground floor flat fitted for wheelchair

    Added on 6 Oct 2019

  6. Poppy Jones says:

    I am interested in a 2 rented bedroom house . I work full time and can provide wage slips and proof of affordability. Many thanks

    Added on 8 Oct 2019

  7. Helen Wall says:

    I am interested in a 3 bed rented house ...already a magenta tennant

    Added on 21 Oct 2019

  8. Jolanta says:

    I am interested in a 3 bedroom house. I work full time and my wife part time .We have disability son , we looking safe,quiet street .At the moment we live in Birkenhead.

    Added on 1 Nov 2019

  9. Amy dickinson says:

    Already a magenta tenant interested in a 3 bed

    Added on 5 Nov 2019

  10. Luke says:

    Hello I'm interested in a 3 bedroom

    Added on 8 Nov 2019

  11. Suzanne says:

    Hi there I am a magenta tenant, living in a 3bedroom house. I am underoccupying at the moment and looking to downsize to a 2 bedroom house.

    Added on 11 Nov 2019

  12. Gill says:

    Hi, I am interested in renting a new 2-3 bedroom property in Eastham area .longterm / permanently. I am divorced, over 55 yrs old , and I am a professional lady in full time employment. Would you please advise of any availablility and how I may apply . I have not rented before .Thank you

    Added on 27 Dec 2019

  13. Gillian Heard says:

    One bed over 55 apartment

    Added on 23 Jan 2020

  14. Chris says:

    How do i express an intrest other than just leaving a comment here?
    Thanks Chris

    Added on 4 Feb 2020

  15. Jasmina Buhalfaia says:

    Hi I am intrested in a 3 bedroom house and wanted more information on help to buy.

    Added on 11 Feb 2020

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