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Remembering Muriel Wilkinson BEM

It is with great regret that we announce the sad passing of our tenant and Board Director, Muriel Wilkinson BEM. Muriel was a real tenant champion and a local volunteer, providing support to other Resident Associations across Wirral whenever needed. Muriel was well known within all of our communities bringing good judgement and impartiality and was the Chair of the Wirral Residents Umbrella Association, demonstrating Muriel’s passion for sharing and promoting good practice and supporting the development of community activities across all of our neighbourhoods. Muriel was awarded her BEM in 2019 for her services to housing after being nominated by the National Housing Federation given that she had dedicated her life to giving a voice to tenants living in affordable housing. Muriel also ensured that Magenta Living remained accountable to all of its tenants and customers. Muriel represented all Magenta Living’s tenants at Board level, a role she undertook in 2013.

Following the Grenfell Tower tragedy, in a show of sympathy and mutual support for fellow residents, Muriel was central in organising a donation from Wirral residents to Grenfell survivors and members of the Fire Service who had worked to combat the blaze. Muriel was also key to the development of ‘Magenta Communities’ a Committee of the Board that ensured Magenta Living continues to maximise the social value we create across our neighbourhoods - this was something Muriel very much supported. Muriel’s selfless community work and relentless drive to ensure social housing tenants get quality services have had a huge impact within our communities and we will continue this legacy. Muriel was well known not only to her neighbours in Sunningdale, Moreton where she kept everyone busy with her activities including the regular luncheon club, but also within our wider communities as well as with colleagues she worked with here at Magenta Living. We have already received many kind words and messages from involved residents and Board Directors about Muriel. This is a time to reflect on the great work that Muriel did and we know she will be very much missed as we remember her as a true community and tenant champion. uses cookies to collect information that supports the development of this website. To find out more about the cookies in use on this website, please visit our Privacy Policy.  By continuing to browse the site, you agree to our use of cookies.

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