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Year of Environment Event 2019

Magenta Living Environmental Services were delighted to be invited to take part in the launch Wirral’s Year of Environment 2019 Event at the Floral Pavilion hosted by Wirral Council.

The team in partnership with Lyn Struve, Eco Schools Officer at Wirral Council and Katrina Chapman from Urban Vintage were proud to showcase their upcycling Project Refresh in the market place. Many residents and agencies attended and were keen to find out more about Refresh as upcycling is high on the green agenda doing everything possible to keep waste from going to landfill and to end poverty. The aim is to ensure Refresh is the inspirational upcycling model in the heart of communities that will become standard practice to minimise waste by upcycling and provide residents with renovated and refreshed furniture helping those in need.

Upcycled chair from Refresh project

Councillors Patrick Cleary and Anita Leech are fully behind Refresh. Councillor Leech Wirral’s Cabinet Lead for Environment said: “I’m so excited about Refresh I want this to be the flagship of Wirral’s Upcycling initiative. I’m keen to demonstrate to other Housing Providers who dispose of waste to landfill what Magenta Living and Wirral Council have been doing in partnership. This project is fabulous and we want more partners involved. I’ve seen how creative volunteers have been in turning old furniture into new, its amazing what can be done with a paint brush and a bit of imagination. It’s vital that we all play our part in enjoying and nurturing the environment not just for us but for future generations. Recycling helps to reduce the pollution caused by waste going to landfill but action to change needs a co-ordinated response we can’t do it alone."

Maureen Davies, Environmental Services Manager said: “It was great to attend the Year of the Environment on behalf of Magenta Living I’m thrilled that we have the backing of so many with the Refresh initiative. In 2018 just my service alone disposed of 180 tonnes of waste to landfill, £40K was spent which is money that could have been used for many other community projects.  Although we provide affordable homes our ethos has always been about putting our people and communities first so protecting the environment is essential.

"Our next step is to source Refresh shop premises so we can take our waste to volunteers to upcycle the furniture and then our communities can have it instead of getting into unnecessary debt. So many people want to get involved it’s exciting to be part of Refresh, Re-jiggery are keen to run recycling workshops too. I was well impressed how they turned an old chair and suit into a quirky piece of furniture anybody would be proud to own." uses cookies to collect information that supports the development of this website. To find out more about the cookies in use on this website, please visit our Privacy Policy.  By continuing to browse the site, you agree to our use of cookies.

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