The ReMote Reporting App

Our ReMote reporting app allows you to report incidents of anti-social behaviour (ASB), Magenta Living tenancy breaches or to let us know if you are concerned about someone living in one of our properties. The app is free and easy to use and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection via your smartphone or tablet.

When making your report on the app, you can upload and record:

  • Photos
  • Video files
  • Audio files
  • Locations using GPS
Downloading your app and signing up
  1. On your smartphone or tablet, head to the App Store, on an iPhone, or free from the Google Play Store, on any Android phone and search for ‘ReMOTE Reporting’ then click ‘Get’
  2. Once downloaded, click ‘Setup’ in the top right corner and scan the below QR code to being your sign up process. If you can’t scan the QR code because your device doesn’t have a camera or you only have access to the device you’re using, please click ‘Problems Scanning’ and enter this URL: (and then hit connect)
  3. The ReMote Reporting app
  4. Once connected, you will be taken through the sign up process and once completed you’ll be ready to use the app.

How to use the ReMOTE Reporting App

From downloading the app to creating a new report, these videos will walk you through each process step-by-step.

ReMOTE Reporting App - YouTube

We appreciate that not everyone has access to a smartphone or tablet, and you can still report cases of ASB or any concerns you have to us by calling 0808 100 9596 or filling in our ASB reporting form here:

Creating your account

Follow these east, step-by-step instructions to create your account...
  1. When you come back to the log in page, select New Account
  2. Next fill in your details; first & last name, address and contact number
    These details will allow us to contact you quickly.
  3. Once you have entered these details, pop in your email address and set your password
    If you want to receive case updates via email, tap the option below
  4. Click Register and you’re set up!

If you're having any issues with our ReMote App please drop us an email at

ASB - ReMote Reporting App Terms & Conditions Form

Your Details

Note: Questions marked by * are mandatory

View our Privacy Notice to see how we use your information.

Terms & Conditions ReMote Reporting App use

Conditions of responsible use, I understand that:

1. The ReMote Reporting app will be used solely for the purpose of reporting instances of Anti-Social Behaviour that I reasonably consider to be a nuisance, and which infringes my right to peaceful enjoyment of my property and my general wellbeing.
2. The ReMote Reporting app should be used only when noise is clearly audible in my premises and only at times that are unreasonable.
3. You must not use the app to record in public places including communal areas.
4. The ReMote Reporting app should not be used outside my premises or in a way that intrudes into another person’s premises or dwelling.
5. The ReMote Reporting app should be used in a way that is consistent with the purpose of obtaining recording(s) of a nuisance, or of conduct capable of causing nuisance or annoyance, or causing harassment alarm or distress, and in a way that will facilitate the use of the recording(s) as part of legal proceedings or in asserting my legal rights.
6. The ReMote Reporting app should not be used in a manner that will/could be perceived to be threatening or harassing anyone and should not be used for any improper or unlawful purpose or activity.
7. As a user of the ReMote Reporting app, I will not tamper with, falsify or enhance any recordings made using the App.
8. As a user, I will immediately upload the recorded information using the appropriate procedures and will not interfere with or use the information thereafter unless as part of legal proceedings.
9. If Magenta Living provide me with a mobile device, it is my full responsibility to ensure the phone is returned in working order and in good condition. If not, I understand that I will be charged the cost of replacing the phone.

I have read, understand and agree to abide by the above ReMote reporting App terms and conditions and agree to only use the app in the manor for which it is provided: