Grounds Maintenance


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We work in partnership with Continental Landscapes, to provide grounds maintenance services to land owned by us.

This includes:

  • grass cutting
  • shrub bed maintenance
  • chemical weed control

The Continental Landscapes website shows when your estate is due to have grounds maintenance work carried out.

If you have any feedback about our contractors, please  Contact Us.

Grounds maintenance with Magenta Living

Looking for extra help with your garden maintenance?

Idverde LogoWe work in partnership with Idverde, who offer a subsidised garden service to our tenants who are unable to maintain their garden on their own. Please note, prices stated are only applicable if no initial work is required. If initial work is required a cost will be provided when signing up for the service.

You could qualify for this service if you:
  • Are not in rent arrears
  • Do not have any outstanding recharges with Magenta Living
  • Do not already receive a grounds maintenance service
Idverde can:
  • Cut your grass 16 times a year during the growing season, including weed spray/strim of pathways and hardstanding areas.
  • Prune your privet hedges 3 times a year - Cost to be provided upon inspection

Please  Contact Us if you are interested in this service.