Supplier Opportunities

Upcoming Supplier Opportunities

Pest Control Services

Magenta Living has now published requests for quotations for the delivery of a standard pest control service.  This will be a low-value contract consisting of instructions relating to approximately 200 properties or infestations per year. You will find details on the ProContract procurement website by using the following link:  The deadline for responses will be 13:00 on 3rd November 2020. 

Fire Alarm & Emergency Lighting Installs, Upgrades, Servicing & Maintenance

Magenta Living has now published an Invitation To Tender for a programme of planned and responsive works relating to fire alarms and other fire safety systems.  The contract is likely to run for two years with extensions possible for a further two years.  The ITT has been published on the ProContract e-procurement platform and can be accessed here:   ProContract is free to register on for suppliers.  The deadline for Tender submission is 13.00 18/11/20 and for clarification requests is 06/11/20.

Door Entry & CCTV Servicing and Maintenance Opportunity

Magenta Living will shortly be issuing Invitations To Tender [ITT] for the service, maintenance and upgrade of door entry, gates, automatic doors and CCTV equipment in our properties.  The ITT will be published on the ProContract e-procurement platform in late September.  ProContract is free to register on for suppliers

Asbestos Surveying & Sampling and Asbestos Remediation and Management

Magenta Living will shortly be issuing two Invitations To Tender [ITT] for a) Asbestos Surveying; and b) Asbestos Management.  The ITT will be published on the ProContract e-procurement platform in early October.  ProContract is free to register on for suppliers.

Magenta Living tender opportunities are now published via our e-tendering portal.   Potential Suppliers must register on our portal to be able to view and download tender documents.  It is free to Register and you can also sign up to receive free tender alerts. 

Please note to receive alerts relevant to your business area you must register the correct CPV code under ‘categories’.

Top Tips for Suppliers

Take a look at our Tips for Suppliers [pdf], which gives some information and guidance on how to complete and submit compliant RFQ, PQQ and tenders.

Contractors Code of Conduct

All contracted suppliers will be expected to abide by our Contractors Code of Conduct.

Terms and Conditions of Contract

Please read our Standard Terms And Conditions[pdf] 37KB and our ML Standard Form of Contract.pdf [pdf] 242KB.

Procurement Policy

Please take a look at our Procurement Policy.pdf[pdf] 154KB  - it sets out how we purchase our goods, services and works.

Health & Safety

Any contractors appointed to deliver works contracts for us will be required to demonstrate compliance with current health and safety law.

Suppliers must hold a current Safety Systems in Procurement (SSIP) accreditation, which demonstrates that you have met the assessment requirements in SSIP within the last 12 months.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

New data protection legislation came into force on 25th May 2018. It aims to protect the privacy of all EU citizens and prevent data breaches. It applies to any public or private organisation processing personal data and brings new obligations on data controllers and data processors.

Established key principles of data privacy remain relevant in the new Data Protection Legislation but there are also a number of changes that will affect commercial arrangements, both new and existing. The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) specifies that any processing of personal data by a Processor, should be governed by a Contract with certain provisions included.

Suppliers and potential Suppliers should note that any purchases by Magenta Living where there may be a requirement to pass over personally identifiable information to the Supplier for the purpose of delivery of the supplies/ services/works, instructed by Magenta Living will be governed by Magenta Living’s Standard Form of Contract which contains GDPR provisions.

Where GDPR is deemed applicable to a particular purchase then Supplier’s MUST sign up to the Standard Contract[pdf] 214KB.

Where other Forms of Contract are used such as JCT/ NEC3/ Framework Agreements then these will also contain Schedules of Amendments to incorporate the new GDPR provisions.

Failure to do agree to such terms will mean that Magenta will not be able to appoint you for any such supplies/services/works.