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Free Mosh Tots tickets from Future Yard

Our partners at Future Yard are gifting Magenta Living customers...

15 Free Mosh Tots Tickets!

What is Mosh Tots exactly?

It's gigs for kids!

Hosted at Future Yard on Sunday mornings, Mosh Tots is a brand new series of gigs for kids (and well-behaved parents!), here to introduce kids to the rockin’ world of live music in a safe and fun environment. The team at Future Yard believe that live music should be for everyone, no matter your age. For too long live music venues have been off-limits for young children (not to mention their parents); Mosh Tots is filling that on its head and is an opportunity to share the joy of live music together as a family.

Each week at Mosh Tots focuses on a different theme or musical idea. That may be melody, rhythm, dynamics or harmony. It could be an exploration of the drums, bass, guitar effects or special instruments. Future Yard is even working on plans for super special guests! They're learning and experiencing something new every week, so no two Mosh Tots performances are exactly the same.

To find out more about Mosh Tots or Future Yard, visit their website:

How do I get a free ticket?

If you'd like to be in with a chance of attending a session for free on Sunday 8th May, please complete the short form below...

As we only have 15 tickets to give away, we'll be picking the first 15 customers to fill in their information.
After a few quick checks, we'll send an email to you if you're one of the 15 lucky winners. 

Please note:

1 ticket per child and adults go free, 2 adults per child.
Mosh Tots is ideally for children aged 3-8, though young and older children are welcome.

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