Alterations and Improvements in my home

Work in my home... what I can and can't do?

We understand that to make your home meet your needs, you might like to make some homely alterations. When it comes to making changes in your home, there are a few things you need to know. Below you will find information on what you can and can't do in your home. If you have any doubts, please contact us using the form below.

Work in my home which I cannot do

  • If your property is a flat / apartment you will not be allowed to make any changes to the outside external areas 
  • If you live in a new build home, you will not be given permission to make any alterations to the property until the defects period has ended (this is normally 12 months after you move in)  
  • Installing a wood burning or solid fuel fire
  • Replacing the existing boiler, or making any alterations to the heating system 
  • Carry out changes to the electrical installation for lighting or power (such as adding or removing extra power sockets or lighting fittings) 

Work in my home which will need permission

If the proposed alterations to your home will affect the structure of the property, or its appearance, you must first obtain written permission from Magenta Living and potentially separate consent from your Local Authority’s Planning Department to ensure all intended improvements comply with regulations.   

If the alteration changes the number of bedrooms in the property then this may impact on your rent.  

You will need Magenta Living’s permission before carrying out the below works:
  • Extensions such as a full or partial extension, a conservatory, car port, garage, or a loft conversion 
  • Boarding out loft space 
  • Changing the existing internal layout, including removing a bedroom or changing the rooms use 
  • Removing/moving walls or creating a new opening 
  • Changing or renewing any part of a kitchen or bathroom 
  • Changing or renewing windows, internal/external doors and patio/French doors. 
  • Any other major changes that affect the structure of the property or change its external appearance 
  • Solar panels 
  • Changing or moving fences/or boundaries, installing new gates or fencing 
  • Changes to garden facilities such as installing decking or paving over grassed areas 
  • Adding a garden shed (bigger than 10ft x 8ft) 
  • Driveways or adding off-road parking Fitting any aerial or satellite dish 
  • Installing any type of CCTV system 
  • Applying render or external decoration that is not ‘in keeping’ with the surrounding properties 
Who will I need permission from?
  • Magenta Living will need to give their written consent in a letter to you  
  • If the property has been built in the last 5 years you may also need the developer’s permission if you want to carry out external alterations 
  • For certain works you will need local authority planning and building regulation consents, and it is your responsibility to obtain these 

Work in my home which I can do

  • Minor landscaping of your garden 
  • Installing an outside tap - Please note that this needs to have a non-return valve fitted as standard, so it doesn't contaminate the water supply in the property (this is for houses only)
  • Replacing fence panels 
  • Replacing the glass in a window 
  • Small sheds (10ft x 8ft or smaller) 
  • Picture hanging
  • Installing shelves - Please note when picture hanging and installing shelves there are pipes and electric cables in the wall, any damage is chargeable and is the responsibility of the customer
  • Laying floor coverings such as carpet or laminate (please be aware that any need to lift/relay flooring in conjunction with future repair work will be your responsibility – Magenta Living will not take responsibility) 
  • Redecorating your home it is essential you refer to information relating to Asbestos in Your Home prior to commencing any decoration work

What happens after the approved work is complete?

When work is completed, you will need to notify Magenta Living and allow us to carry out an inspection within a reasonable timescale after the works are finished.  We will also need to see copies of any appropriate certification. During the works, you are liable to repay any repair costs that might arise, including any damages affecting a third party.  If the completed alteration differs from agreed plans then you could be asked to change this to the agreed specification at your own cost.  With any alteration you make, you are responsible for the ongoing maintenance and cost of any future repairs.  At the end of your tenancy, should you vacate the property in the future, alterations can only remain if they were agreed with Magenta Living. Failure to re-instate original fittings, or return alterations to their original condition if instructed may result in the costs of any repair works required being recharged to you. 

What will happen if I do not ask for permission or if a declined request is progressed? 

If you do not get permission before making changes, or proceed with changes despite a refusal, you may: 

  • Put your tenancy at risk 
  • Risk being charged with criminal damage 
  • In line with Magenta Living’s Recharge Policy, you may be recharged accordingly for the costs required to return the property to its original condition 
How do I submit a request for permission?

Please do not start work until you have our written permission. We may need to visit you before agreeing to your request. Complete the following form and we will acknowledge your request within five working days.  

Email contact in the first instance is preferable, as it will allow us to communicate quickly with you rather than incurring delays with other communication channels

Can Magenta Living help with costs?

Magenta Living cannot make any contribution towards the costs of improvements, planning application or building control costs on tenanted, shared ownership or leasehold homes. 


Administration Fee

An administration fee will be payable for considering your request. We will let you know how much this is when we receive your application and check the permissions needed. Each scenario may attract a differing fee, dependant on the complexity of the proposal. 


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