Our Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund Project

Our Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund (SHDF) project will see us deliver sustainable improvements to some of our homes as part of Wave 1 and Wave 2 funding. 

We’re working in partnership with Sustainable Building Services UK (SBS) on this project. We will be retrofitting 99 homes in Wave 1 and 161 homes in Wave 2 across a selection of our neighbourhoods including Woodchurch, Central Birkenhead, Rockferry Birkenhead North End and Noctorum. 

These homes have been identified as being in the highest areas of fuel poverty and lowest areas of income, and the planned improvements will be completed on a fabric first approach. A fabric first approach means looking at each property holistically and considering how we can make each home more energy efficient. 

The completed work will increase heat retention and reduce energy usage at your home, whilst creating a saving on both carbon emissions and fuel usage for our customers. Work has already started with the installation of External Wall Insulation (EWI) at Dacre Hill, Rockferry. 

Below you can read more about EWI, the benefits and catch up on some frequently asked questions around the works being carried out - we will be updating the FAQ's regularly. 

What is External Wall Insulation?

External Wall Insulation is a high-quality energy efficiency measure that improves the energy performance of your home. The insulation is installed to the outside of your home so there is no reduction of your interior home. 

The system has a ‘thermal jacketing’ effect that keeps heat in during the winter but keeps your home cooler during the summer months. External Wall Insulation also protects your home from the worst weather and helps to eliminate condensation and damp, whilst improving the look of the exterior.

What are the benefits of External Wall Insulation?

45% of heat loss in homes escapes via walls and heat loss leads to more energy usage. External Wall Insulation helps to keep heat in your home, whilst helping to reduce the amount of energy you use and cost of energy bills. The system helps your living space become more comfortable in the summer too whilst helping to guard against damp and mould.

External Wall Insulation makes your external walls both more aesthetically pleasing and thicker which will help to reduce noise levels from the outside and improving the look of your home at the same time. There is no cost to yourself in any of this.

Frequently Asked Questions about EWI

Last updated: 8 April 2023

What can I expect whilst the work's being done?

SBS will provide further information around the project inclusive of health/safety, security and site specifics inclusive of scaffolding usage, timings and contact information.

There will be contact points and a presence from both SBS and Magenta Living before, during and after works to ensure that you are both satisfied with works and to offer additional support if needed.


Can I stay in my home whilst the work's being done?

Yes, however due to noise, dust and general disruption you may prefer to be in certain rooms at times and keep windows closed. Every care will be taken to minimise disruption and a dedicated Resident Liaison Officer will be on site from SBS if needed.


What will happen to my satellite dish during the works?

If you have a satellite dish, scaffolding could block the signal. This will look to be relocated onto the scaffolding for as long as the works continue. There might be a short time where you will be without your satellite facilities, due to the engineer not being able to access the scaffolding until it's safely and fully assembled.